the Vivian show


Can’t make it? Buy a comedian a drink! Venmo @theVivianShow with your choice of comedian and Vivian will buy them a drink!

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vivi show thanks

thanks to all the performers on the October show plus our host the Lyric Hyperion!


the Vivian show: starring other people but mostly Vivian is a monthly show in Los Angeles.

Featuring local LA comedians like Marcella Arguello (@midnight), Emily Heller (Conan), Jenny Yang,  Ron Lynch (Bob’s Burgers), Josh Fadem (Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul), plus comedians featured on Comedy Central, VICE and more! With puppets, sketches, the help of her loyal intern, and sidekick Dr. Rimshot (a 90 year old rimshot artist) Vivian does the best she can to be the best Vivian Viv can Vivian.


Vivian Martinez won the Funny Women’s Festival Stand Up Competition in 2015 and was awarded 4 shows at iO West plus a crappy intern. Over one year later, an upgrade to the MainStage (and now as a house show!) nothing can stop the late night wackiness that is the Vivian show- not even a power outage- not even there being no mics- not even her intern continuously interrupting.

FOR BOOKING – email or:



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